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3Media Technologies provides comprehensive professional IT services to assist small to medium size compines manage their IT resources efficiently and affordably.

Why Choose Us

Managed IT Services

Business owners often have the misconception that outsourceing is a big step to take or as something indulged in by big organisations. In reality, Managed IT Service presents a solution to the smaller organisations as it addresses staff / recruitment issues and often at a lower cost. With the wide range of service offerings, the average SME can now access specialist as well as standard infrastructure based Managed Services.

IT Infrastructure

With hands-on experience handling IT infrastructure up to enterprise (MNC) level, 3Media Technologies provides computing products by leading brands from desktops / laptops, to networking equipments right down to application softwares.

Through careful assessment of the company's processes and operations, we can assist our client to design, procure and implement the most appropriate configuration that fit their business needs and budget best!


Technology has advanced tremendously over the last few years, so much so that most business owners have not been able to keep up with the progress. Some solutions have stabilised while others are still much required of improvement.

Of the many solutions available, we believe VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) would be some technologies wothwhile pursing.

Talk to us to find out more of these technologies and how they can value-add to your business today!

Web Services

Internet has made website an important tool for businesses and consumers to research information and compare products / services.

Whether it is B2B or B2C, a company's website allows business managers to market their products / services and educate their customers at a faction of traditional media, 24 / 7.

The other emerging trend is the use of web to streamline tasks and for information sharing across internet. This can be in the form of product inventory, databases, queries, leave application etc where information can easily be access by different stakeholders at low cost, real time and at any location.

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